Butler County Farm to Fork Tour + Dinner

If you follow me on social media at all then you probably saw a series of posts from the Butler County Farm to Fork Tour and dinner that Dean and I recently went on. It was such a jam packed day that I have even more content I’d like to share with you! First, this was the 6th Annual Farm to Fork event. The event is a fundraiser for “Ag in the Classroom” in Butler County and hosted by the Butler County Farm Bureau Association. We were also joined by Kansas Farm Bureau board members and administrators. I learned on the tour that the KFB is a group that helps Kansas farm families through advocacy, education, and service. We started our day at Fulton Valley Farms in Towanda, where our tour bus for the day picked us up!

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Wichita Adventures: Local Wineries

Last month I finally got to write a love letter to one of my favorite cities (Las Vegas) and this month I get to write about another great love of mine… wine!

Have you ever done a wine tour? My experience was loading onto a bus and spending a few minutes each at a handful of wineries. It was fun but I must admit that I prefer to take winery visits one at a time. Most wineries offer a tasting for little to no cost. I like to partake in a tasting, then get a glass of my favorite wine while catching up with a girlfriend or two, and I always buy a bottle to take home. When I crack open the bottle it’s like a little postcard to myself reminding me of the fun time I had at the winery. Here is my round up of top notch Wichita area wineries!

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Derby Adventures: Summer Edition

The weather has officially turned cooler, my leggings, boots, and scarves have all come out to play, and the calendar is pending dates at the pumpkin patch and other Fall festivals. With Fall already here, I would be remiss if I did not take some time to share about our fun filled Summer in Derby. Derby is a beautiful exburb of Wichita that is the closest town to our farm. This Summer I got to put my marketing hat back on for a bit and help the Derby Recreation Commission part time. My kids were ecstatic that Mom was going to be working because that meant no Summer homeschool! Since it’s only our second Summer here in Derby, we felt like we had the ultimate insider’s guide to some really exciting Summer activities.

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Wichita Adventures Part Two: Day Dates

In my last blog post I shared about some of our favorite kid/family friendly places in Wichita. Now, on to adult adventures:

Reverie Coffee Roasters + Hopping Gnome Brewery

For our first day date in Wichita my husband and I wanted to start with a yummy brunch spot. I reached out to Local Legacy (a Legacy Bank Initiative) on Instagram and they suggested Reverie Coffee Roasters. My husband had a craft black coffee, their “Bangers and Mash” and a side of chorizo. We are super picky about authentic chorizo, but this was on point! I had their Rosemary Salted Caramel Latte with biscuits and gravy. Do yourself a flavor, get to Reverie Coffee Roasters and order that latte!

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Wichita Adventures Part One: Kids & Families

My family and I recently moved to the Wichita, Kansas area. While finding all new places to go and things to do might seem like a stressor to some, I moved around a fair amount when I was younger so this part of the process is an invigorating challenge to me. I had some suggestions from friends and family, and I was able to connect with a few key local Instagram accounts who were super helpful. Without further ado, read on about our first go around of Wichita adventures.

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