The Enneagram 6ness Of Me!

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I keep a running list of possible blog topics on my phone. When it’s time to pick there is typically one shouting out at me. This month however I could not decide between a handful of topics. I decided to ask my social media followers to vote on a topic. It came down to a close race between family budgeting tips and the enneagram. I am not quite ready to give budgeting advice so I am going to share with you my enneagram journey so far.

You may be wondering, the enna-what-now? Simply put, the enneagram is a personality test. But in truth, it is so much more than that!

I know what you are thinking. I thought the same thing when I first heard about the enneagram. I was a communications major and I spent time working in corporate America, the last thing I needed or wanted was another personality test. I had already taken them all (the letters, the animals, the colors) and this test wasn’t going to tell me anything new.

But, I was wrong.

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Navigating Adult Friendships

Guys, making new friends as an adult is hard. Making new friends as a wife and mother is even harder. I have stayed in toxic friendships for years because it honestly felt easier than cultivating new friendships. In the past, my husband and I struggled to find even just one couple we could both connect with and that was in the same life stage as us. And what about once you’ve made a new friend? Once the “honeymoon stage” has worn off and you’re dealing with real life issues, how do you navigate the complexities of keeping a friendship? It should be easy, but the truth of the matter is that a lot of times – it is messy. I have found that nothing kills a friendship faster than insecurity and a competition mentality. If you choose to be friends with someone, you have to make a conscious effort to love and trust them. No friendship can thrive under paranoia and constant criticism. This week I asked my social media followers for the best friendship advice they’ve been given and the first one I got went like this: “celebrate their wins even when you feel like you’re not winning! It is not a competition but a relationship.” Amen, Brooke!

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Dear Entrepreneur, Protect Your Heart

I want to share with you some about my journey as an entrepreneur, which can best be categorized into three major stages:

My first stage of entrepreneurship can only be described as an intensely focused drive. It was a balancing act that ultimately resulted in growth for our business. I was able to enlist support both in work and at home. In the moment, all I could see was the business success and I saw the fact that our family was holding it all together as a success as well. Looking back now, I can’t help but wonder what I missed out on during the time I was burning the candle at both ends…

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7 Life Lessons I’ve Learned From Jurassic Park

Jp Lessons

Taken at Field Station: Dinosaurs in Derby, KS.

I am mama to two boys who have each gone through extensive dinosaur phases. It’s safe to say I have seen the Jurassic Park movies roughly 65 million times… each. There are a handful of lessons I derived from the movies that have become part of our daily jargon. I am finally ready to share those lessons with you so, read on if you dare!

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How To: Start A Blog


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Last month I went home to Texas to visit some of my very best girlfriends in the whole world. While I was visiting, three different girlfriends told me that they had thought about starting a blog at some point. One girl is a millennial marketing student getting ready to conquer the world, one girl is a busy wife and mommy running her own business, one girl is a top notch nurse balancing work and family. I don’t know about you, but I would love to read about even just one day in the life of any of those fascinating ladies.

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Tech Tips For Busy Families

As you read last month, my family is on a mission for a simpler life. This past year we let things get so incredibly hectic that we had major breakdowns in communication. As I am sure you’re aware, it’s very hard for any relationship to function without communication. For the past few months we have been working hard, both together as a family and with professionals, on effective ways to communicate. It may sound totally counterintuitive, but we have utilized some great technology to help keep our family running smoothly.

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My Purse Must-Haves


It’s no secret that I am a total designer bag fiend. Over the years I have perfected the size of the bag I need, as well as it’s contents. For example, if my full size iPad doesn’t fit in my purse, then there’s a good chance it won’t work for me. I typically need at least my iPad and my planner for business meetings. Also, my Macbook Air isn’t much larger than my iPad – so if my iPad fits, I can usually fit my laptop in my purse if I absolutely need it.

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Journey of an Anxious Christian


Do you know those parts in the bible when they say: be anxious for nothing; let your heart not be troubled; trust in the Lord; and fear not for I am with you? I had always thought those words to be meant to comfort me in times in times of struggle. However, when I found myself with a full blown anxiety disorder, I looked to the church for guidance and was surprised at the response. In short, I was told that being anxious was a sin because it meant that I was not trusting in the Lord.

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How To: Pack Light And Travel Easy

Last Summer the whole family and I went on a week long vacation to beautiful  Monterey, California. It was an amazing trip, but it was the last time I will ever check my bags on any airline. When we were getting seated on the flight home, my 9 year old commented on how rough the guys were being while loading our bags. Sure enough, in a matter of minutes numerous passengers were watching and commenting on this aweful scene. I even tweeted the airline a video. At that point, I had already mentally prepared myself for damaged luggage when we landed. Unfortunately, we ended up having NO luggage upon arrival home. A few days later we did eventually get our luggage returned, but what I learned is that the airline has zero responsibility when it comes to your personal belongings. They are not liable for damages or replacing items if they can’t be recovered.

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