Our Late Dog Wesley: A Cautionary Tale

Okay friends, between Vegas and wine tastings, my last few posts have been fairly fun. I am afraid I have to bring us down a little this month, but I promise I am only sharing to help spare another family from heartbreak. If you aren’t one for sad stories, then I suggest you skip this post altogether or skip down to the pet health and safety tips.  Also, please note that I am not a veterinarian or animal medical professional. I am simply sharing what we learned in an effort to spare you some mistakes.

Back in 2017 before we moved to Kansas, we had our house on the market down in Texas. We had to do this crazy routine everytime we had a showing. We would load up the whole family, which at this time included 3 dogs, and go hang out in a park somewhere. We had a pretty solid offer on our house, but our real estate agent said it would still be a good idea to continue accepting showings. We had a request for an early morning showing on a Saturday, so we decided to visit Palmetto State Park. It was only an hour or so away and we had been there before, so it seemed perfect.

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My Thoughts On “A Simple Favor”

I was just chatting with another mom the other night about how there is a point in time where you simply miss out on movies. Your kids are a certain age or your life is in a certain stage where having the time to grab dinner and movie is all of a sudden complicated. You have to arrange child care and practically double your date night budget because of it. On the off chance that you do get to go to a movie, it absolutely sucks when the movie turns out to be bad.

On the other hand, with so many streaming services available I sometimes get overwhelmed at the options and end up watching the same movies over and over. It’s also always been a struggle to find a good family movie to watch all together. Luckily, Disney+ has all but solved that issue.

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7 Life Lessons I’ve Learned From Jurassic Park

Jp Lessons

Taken at Field Station: Dinosaurs in Derby, KS.

I am mama to two boys who have each gone through extensive dinosaur phases. It’s safe to say I have seen the Jurassic Park movies roughly 65 million times… each. There are a handful of lessons I derived from the movies that have become part of our daily jargon. I am finally ready to share those lessons with you so, read on if you dare!

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Tech Tips For Busy Families

As you read last month, my family is on a mission for a simpler life. This past year we let things get so incredibly hectic that we had major breakdowns in communication. As I am sure you’re aware, it’s very hard for any relationship to function without communication. For the past few months we have been working hard, both together as a family and with professionals, on effective ways to communicate. It may sound totally counterintuitive, but we have utilized some great technology to help keep our family running smoothly.

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My Purse Must-Haves


It’s no secret that I am a total designer bag fiend. Over the years I have perfected the size of the bag I need, as well as it’s contents. For example, if my full size iPad doesn’t fit in my purse, then there’s a good chance it won’t work for me. I typically need at least my iPad and my planner for business meetings. Also, my Macbook Air isn’t much larger than my iPad – so if my iPad fits, I can usually fit my laptop in my purse if I absolutely need it.

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