Our Home & Farm Pallet Wood Designs!

If you’re on Pinterest or follow home design trends at all, then you know that pallet wood projects are hugely popular. Pallets are just so versatile! You can simply leave them in their pallet form and paint them as a decor piece. Or you can disassemble them and use the wood for countless projects. This is typically what we do. My family and I happen to have a really good hook up with consistent, large pallets. If you’re looking for the hook up, I suggest searching online on sites like Craigslist or Facebook Marketplace. You can also simply drive around your town looking for places that have pallets out by their dumpster. Many times you can approach that business about taking their pallets off their hands! If you’re feeling really brave, you can ask that they call you going forward anytime they have pallets. Hook up secured! Our pallet wood projects, like many of our tasks, are usually a team effort. I will come up with a design, our 13 year old will carefully take apart the wood and remove the nails, and then my husband will bring the designs to life. If you aren’t one for coming up with your own designs, there are many free pallet plans available online. I was reflecting the other day on all the projects we’ve done both in the house and around the farm with pallet wood and thought I’d share!

Nightstands – I was insistent that my husband and I have matching night stands in the new house. We had mix-matched nightstands in our last house and I joked it made our room look more like a dorm room than a proper master bedroom. We were going to go back and add drawers or baskets, but have both come to like the open shelf design!

Piglet Shelter – piggies are pretty resilient when they are older, but when they first come to us they are small and squeamish. My husband builds these perfect little shelters out of pallet wood for them!

Chicken Coop – My sisters and I built this chicken coop out of pallet wood, chicken wire stapled to the sides, and an old piece of flooring for the roof. We have an existing chicken shed and of course our chicken tractors, but this coop was specifically to house rescue chickens that I was taking in one Spring!

Coat/Stocking Hooks – My husband built one of these one year for Christmas. Our fireplaces are stone and don’t have mantels on them, so we needed something for our stockings. We hung this in the entry way and now use it for coats. I liked it so much I asked him to make another one just like this for our bedroom. We got the hooks in a 10 pack off Amazon and they really help keep coats and sweaters organized all year round!

Oversized Clock – In our last house we had a really big floating style clock. I had carefully packed up the long clock hands (originally from Hobby Lobby) and was ready to put them back on display. At first I envisioned a windmill clock, but then my husband suggested just using pallet wood. The clock has numbers on it now and it really fills in the wall space well!

For most of these projects, we simply sand the wood down nice and smooth. We will then either leave it like that or use a stain that will give the wood just a little gloss. For the clock project, I used a stain that was gray tinted to make sure it would match the rest of the gray decor in that room. Note from my husband: pallet wood is really good to have around your home and farm, just in case you ever need a scrap piece of wood for something, especially now that lumber prices have skyrocketed! So, hunting down that hook up is worth the time it might take!

What pallet wood projects have you done? Or are you dying to do? I’d love to see them! Do you have a question about one of the projects above? Comment below or message me on Instagram @themamamarketer!

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