Why I’m Still Obsessed With The 90s!

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Whenever someone asks, “what kind of music do you like?” I used to give the old line, “oh you know, all kinds!”

Well that’s a total lie and I am here to admit the truth.

I pretty much exclusively listen to exactly two genres: 90s Boy Bands and Worship music.

In particular, my all time favorite boy band is Backstreet Boys. Or Backstreet Dads as I like to call them nowadays. I have seen them a total of three times so far: once in middle school in St. Louis, once in Las Vegas during their residency, and once just last year in Kansas City. I actually have plans to see them again here in Wichita in what is hopefully a post-covid 2021. I’ve also seen Britney Spears in Las Vegas during her residency and it was easily one of the best nights of my life!

People will often ask me, “Why?” Why is a grown woman so obsessed with the 90s? Why am I so stuck in the past? I’ve contemplated this question a lot and I think it very simply comes down to nostalgia. In the mid 1990s – early 2000s I was in grade school and later middle school. Middle school eventually got pretty tough for me, but I can still remember a sweet time when my friends and I were not preoccupied with drama. A time when I would rush home to catch TRL and make up routines to N’SYNC’s “Pop” and other awesome songs on my best friend’s trampoline. When I hear these songs now, I am taken back to a simpler time. Also, pop music back then was just pure fun! The harmonies, the choreography, the outfits – I loved it all.

As I’m writing this, my sister pointed out that I listen to a fair amount of Selena, Whitney Houston, and Celine Dion as well. She’s right. My mama raised me on the divas. I remember watching VH1’s Divas Live, where they’d get all these uber talented women together for a crossover type live concert. It was amazing. There are a few exceptions, but I just don’t think today’s pop stars ooze talent quite like the divas of the 90’s.

Some of my favorite memories: having a dance party in the living room to Christina Aguilera’s first album and my dad’s face when he finally heard the lyrics to “Genie In A Bottle,” driving to the next town over just to buy Britney Spear’s second album the day it came out, the horror of not having someone to dance with when “Truly, Madly, Deeply” by Savage Garden came on at the school dance, and this epic Super Bowl Halftime Show!

In closing, follow me down one more rabbit hole: as much as I hate that Justin Timberlake and Beyonce Knowles went solo, I firmly think that their pop group roots and the paths that several other stars from that time frame have followed have shaped the entertainment industry as it is today. 90s pop stars literally POP up everywhere and are undeniably having a comeback. I am here for it!

I heard a story recently from an interview the Backstreet Boys did. It was about how they all took their wives to a recent awards show (before the world shut down). They said that back in the day they were supposed to be heartthrobs so they were never permitted to take dates. They had their wives on their arms so proudly, it absolutely warmed my heart. They have a newer music video that features each one at home with their family. This is why I lovingly call them Backstreet Dads. They were heartthrobs to my teenage heart and they are still heartthrobs to my adult heart, because nothing is more attractive than a man who wants to be with his family!

BSB, thanks for the memories. As long as you’re making music, I’ll be coming back again! 😉

P.S. – when will BSB get to do the Halftime Show?

P.P.S. – #freebritney

XO – Olivia

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