Derby Adventures: Summer Edition

The weather has officially turned cooler, my leggings, boots, and scarves have all come out to play, and the calendar is pending dates at the pumpkin patch and other Fall festivals. With Fall already here, I would be remiss if I did not take some time to share about our fun filled Summer in Derby. Derby is a beautiful exburb of Wichita that is the closest town to our farm. This Summer I got to put my marketing hat back on for a bit and help the Derby Recreation Commission part time. My kids were ecstatic that Mom was going to be working because that meant no Summer homeschool! Since it’s only our second Summer here in Derby, we felt like we had the ultimate insider’s guide to some really exciting Summer activities.

The Derby Recreation Commission is a true gem. I’ve never seen a city rec center so clean, with programs so robust, and a team so well oiled. It was truly my pleasure to help out for the Summer. Not only does the DRC have a track, weight room, gym, daycare, and studios – it has an indoor pool for year round swimming, splashing, fun! The pool is easily my toddler’s favorite part.

Another thing that makes Derby stand out to me is their amazing parks. First, one of the newest parks is the Warren Riverview Park. It has a playground and walking trails right down to the river.  It also has an event venue and covered pavilions. There are even campsites available to rent. One of our favorite touches is that hidden around the park there are markers that share the 12 points of the Boy Scouts of America law. See if you can find them all! Next, Madison Avenue Central Park is easily one of our favorites. It is well shaded, has lots of modern equipment, walking trails and even a splash pad! Last, but certainly not least of the parks in Derby, is High Park. High Park is one of the largest parks we’ve been to. It has multiple playsets, pavilions, walking trails, a pond, and wildlife. One of my favorite places to read and journal is a beautiful gazebo right next to the water. (For my Texas friends, this park reminds me of Landa Park in New Braunfels.)

Another Derby gem is Rock River Rapids Aquatic Center. RRR has a lap pool, slides, a lazy river, and a nice area for littles. In addition to all that, they also host some really enjoyable events every Summer. This year we attended a screening of “Aquaman” right on the water. I also had the pleasure of attending the World’s Largest Swim Lesson – a worldwide event that RRR has been a part of since the very beginning. Another can’t miss Summer event is the RRR 500. Kiddos decorate their own boats and then watch them launch from one of the water slides and race around the lazy river. Check out the video below!

Our favorite Derby excursion is without a doubt, Field Station: Dinosaurs! I have two huge dinosaur fans, so we have been to the park several times. We enjoy the prehistoric walking trails, interactive shows, and exciting puzzles.  Back in December season passes were on sale for $99, so we snatched one of those up and now we get to enjoy the ropes course and mini golf too. If you have not been yet and have paleontologists in the making like I do, I highly suggest you find a cool day and check it out – but watch out for velociraptors!

Bonus – Derby Family Fun Map

I have added all our favorite Derby family fun spots on this map.

Where is your family’s favorite hang out? Reply below!

XO – Olivia

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