Small Town Spotlight: Mulvane, Kansas

We live in a crossroads section south of Wichita where we are conveniently located near a few different small towns including Derby, Rose Hill, Douglass and Mulvane. Recently, we have discovered Mulvane to be a closer outlet for quick outings. Read on to hear about our favorite places!

First up, Luciano’s italian restaurant. My husband took me there on a date for my birthday and we were absolutely blown away. For starters we had the lobster bruschetta, which was a creamy dream. Next I had the garden goat cheese salad which was delicious, but the parmesan cheese bowl they served it in was by far my favorite touch. For my main course I had the shrimp and mushroom pasta, one of my favorite dishes on the planet. We ended with my husband’s all time favorite dessert, tiramisu. Every single item far exceeded our expectations for a small town restaurant. It was truly top notch dining and I highly suggest you go for your next date night!

I also really love the story of how Luciano’s came to be. The owner was born in Italy and fell in love with an American woman. When they moved to the states they visited all over, but it was the beauty of our wheat fields and sunflowers that reminded him the most of home. They opened the restaurant in 2005 and the rest is history!

Next, Jane’s Landing coffee shop. Recently one of our only sit down coffee shops in Derby closed down and I was super sad. I love the convenience of drive through coffee as much as the next person, but there is just something about sitting in a coffee shop when you need a change of scenery. I had seen Jane’s Landing on Instagram and decided to give it a try. One of the first things I noticed about Jane’s is that they have both a sit down cafe and a drive through – score! Their seasonal maple butter pecan is amazing and my toddler said their chocolate milk gets “three thumbs up.” Can’t argue with that…

Finally, Lil’ Deuce Scoop candy and ice cream shop is located right downtown and is within walking distance to Old Main Street Park, which made for an absolutely perfect afternoon with the kiddos. I had their moose tracks ice cream, which is vanilla with fudge and peanut butter cups. They even had a dairy free ice cream option, a soy cherry flavor that one of my kiddos chose and actually gobbled up. In addition to sweets, they also offer soups and sandwiches for lunch!

What is your favorite small town spot? Let me know!

XO – Olivia



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