Wichita Adventures Part Two: Day Dates

In my last blog post I shared about some of our favorite kid/family friendly places in Wichita. Now, on to adult adventures:

Reverie Coffee Roasters + Hopping Gnome Brewery

For our first day date in Wichita my husband and I wanted to start with a yummy brunch spot. I reached out to Local Legacy (a Legacy Bank Initiative) on Instagram and they suggested Reverie Coffee Roasters. My husband had a craft black coffee, their “Bangers and Mash” and a side of chorizo. We are super picky about authentic chorizo, but this was on point! I had their Rosemary Salted Caramel Latte with biscuits and gravy. Do yourself a flavor, get to Reverie Coffee Roasters and order that latte!

Next up, we wanted to taste some local craft beer. (When we moved here I told my husband that under no circumstances would I drink mainstream beer and that finding a to die for sour beer was high on the to do list.) So, after brunch we headed down to the Hopping Gnome Brewery. We had a tasting flight and the standout beer for me was their HBIC Sour. Their fruit flavors vary by season but this particular batch was made with guava + mango. Also, I had to explain to my husband what HBIC meant and it was pretty hilarious! If you are looking for a chill spot to drink with locals, hop over to Hopping Gnome Brewing.

District Taqueria + Central Standard Brewing

One thing I have missed since moving from Texas has been good Mexican food. You know, the greasy kind that comes from a tiny, cramped restaurant that smells like abuelitas house? Those places always have the best food. Anyways, we had tried to eat at District Taqueria a couple times before but it was closed – finally on our second day date we were able to score a table! I had their top menu item, the pork carnitas. My favorite part was the fresh white corn tortillas and the charred green chilis. I thought my tacos could have used a spoonful more salsa but other than that – District Taqueria is a yummy, trendy, downtown taco spot.

Once people learned about my love for sour beers the next breath almost always included, “ya gotta go to Central Standard Brewing.” So, after tacos we headed on over. They don’t do tasting flights but we were able to order a couple half pours each. The standout beer was by far the Red Cicada – a Sour Gose brewed with hibiscus, ginger, lime, chamomile, and Kansas salt. If you are looking for the perfect beer to drink all Summer long then look no further than the Red Cicada at Central Standard Brewing.

Entrap Games

The scenario: you are trapped in a creepy lair with inscriptions on the wall warning that at sundown a blood sucking vampire will descend on you unless you can figure how to escape. You have one hour, let the games begin…

The experience: in one word, awesome! My husband and I went on a Saturday afternoon. Entrap is located in Old Town so it’s plenty close enough to food and drinks to make a whole date of it. The staffers were so friendly upon arrival and helping explain the game to us.

My concerns going into it was that I would be too scared or that the puzzles would be too hard. However, I am happy to report that it was right on point from start to finish. It was just the right amount of creepy + challenging. The staff gave clues and in the end, we did not escape the deadly clutches of the ancient monster – we missed it by 5 seconds!

We simply cannot wait to go back with our peeps. If you are looking for a thrilling and unique experience, I highly suggest Entrap Games. Discount Code: get 25% off your experience when you book for a Sunday using code “CHURCH_BULLETIN.”

Bonus – Map to Murals

I have a huge crush on all the downtown Wichita murals. Every time I visit, I try to find a new one + snap a pic + post to Instagram. I started a custom Google Map to keep track of the ones I have visited (so far) and thought I would share. If you happen to be in Wichita and are looking for the perfect Instagram backdrop – now you know where to go. Enjoy!

Do you have a business and/or mural you would like featured on my blog? Head over to my contact page and submit the form – it’s that easy!

XO – Olivia

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