Wichita Adventures Part One: Kids & Families

My family and I recently moved to the Wichita, Kansas area. While finding all new places to go and things to do might seem like a stressor to some, I moved around a fair amount when I was younger so this part of the process is an invigorating challenge to me. I had some suggestions from friends and family, and I was able to connect with a few key local Instagram accounts who were super helpful. Without further ado, read on about our first go around of Wichita adventures.

First up, kid-friendly adventures:

Exploration Place

For Christmas we were gifted with a family pass to the Exploration Place, a hands on children’s science museum. My kids are 10 and 3 years old and we try to go at least once a month. I am pleased to report that several months later, both my kiddos still enjoy visiting! Their first special exhibit this year was “Rescue.” My kids loved jumping into the ball pit and waiting for the rescue raft. Their second special exhibit “Planet Shark” just opened and will run through the Summer.

“Design, Build, Fly” is another favorite exhibit of ours and is all about airplanes. Other exhibits include a creator space, KEVA plank lab, miniature Kansas, a toddler area complete with a farmer’s market and a medieval castle that my boys just love to conquer. Overall, if you are looking to fill a few hours inside this Summer and have busy bodies like I do – the Exploration Place is a great option.

Museum of World Treasures

Once my kiddos got wind that there was a tyrannosaurus rex skeleton on display, we simply had to pay a visit to the Museum of World Treasures. Sure enough, the first thing you see upon entering “Fossil Hall” is Ivan, who is apparently one of the most complete t-rex skeletons in the world. He takes up the whole atrium so every time we went to another floor we got another look at him. The first floor is mostly fossils + ancient civilizations, while the second floor takes you through early American history and all the major wars. My 11 year old learned a lot about the 13 original colonies this year so we both celebrated when he put the colony puzzle map together all by himself! We also enjoyed the “Hall of Presidents” and sitting at a replica of the Resolute Desk. Finally, up on the third floor is “Ivan’s Playhouse” where I could let my toddler run free! If you are looking for a more traditional/educational museum experience, perhaps as a field trip or the like, then Museum of World Treasures is a great fit.

Next up, a “fun for the whole family” adventure:

Old Town Farmer’s Market

My husband rents a desk at a shared office space in Old Town where he just so happened to meet Luke from Farm Shop, LLC. Luke told us about the Old Town Farmer’s Market and we were ecstatic. We are no strangers to a good farmer’s market and this meant we would get to continue our Saturday morning tradition.

To me, there is just something magical about meeting the farmer who raised your food, supporting them, and providing for your family – all at the same time. There is usually some kind of activity for the kiddos like hula hoops or sidewalk chalk. Also, the past couple of times we went there has been a hands on/educational booth just for them. Perhaps my favorite part of the market is the “In Season Bistro” which features a farm fresh brunch menu. If you are looking for a fun way to spend a Saturday morning, then check out the Old Town Farmer’s Market and order brunch! Trust me, it’s worth it.

Note: not only is the Old Town Farmer’s  Market an approved location for SNAP/EBT, but they are actually part of the “Double Up Wichita” program where you actually get double the credits. I think this is an all around classy move, way to go guys!

Coming up in my next blog post, on to some adult adventures…

XO – Olivia

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