Introducing… LOXLUX Jewelry!

I have to admit that I am historically not one for too many accessories. For example, I used to only buy bags and shoes in black or brown. My thought process was that if I am going to spend money on an accessory, it might as well go with everything in my closet. Nowadays whenever shopping for accessories I ask myself, “can I wear it with at least 3 pieces I already have?” In my opinion, this is a great question to ask yourself, especially if you are on a budget.

All that being said, I have come to the realization that life is simply too short for boring accessories! For example, I went shopping last weekend in bright purple LuLaRoe leggings, an oversized black and white sweater, and my latest Kate Spade that is a sort of blue color. An outfit/accessory color combination I would never have dared to wear in public in the past. It was pretty late into the day before I thought to ask my sisters if I looked ridiculous. They graciously said no, but here’s the thing – I really didn’t care. I wear pieces that bring me joy, are functional, and comfortable.

I was so excited to recently discover LOXLUX Jewelry on Instagram. Based out of Miami Beach, FL and operated by a budget friendly team of fashionistas, they seek to offer a wide range of products to make women feel good about themselves – whatever the occasion. They believe every woman should show off her individual personality with style. Their product assortment includes high quality, fun and fashionable earrings, necklaces, bracelets, body jewelry, rings, and much more. Never before has accessorizing yourself been so easy.

Check out the video of myself and my two younger sisters accessorizing with LOXLUX. I am impressed whenever a brand or boutique can appeal to women of different ages and styles. I believe that is a true mark of taste. Shop at and use code “oliviahayse” for 10% off anytime!

Farm Update

One minute I am thinking about cute accessories and the next minute I am thinking about livestock – this is what it’s like to be inside my mind right now!

The family and I are anxiously awaiting for the arrival of our first batch of chickens. We ordered a total of 24 chickens from Meyer Hatchery. Our egg birds will be Black Australorps and our meat birds will be Cornish Cross hens. They are set to hatch in just a couple weeks and then we will pick them up at our local post office. What a day that will be! Our property had an existing chicken coop that Sean (my 10 year old son) got all ready for the babies. Our coop will only be used as a nursery for the chicks, because when they are big enough they will move into chicken tractors and help us till our land – more on that in a later blog post.

Another one of Sean’s projects lately has been spreading out wood chips along our garden. Our property came with an enormous garden plot. We are only going to plant in a portion of the garden for now, but it’s still about a 30×30 space. The first step is getting healthy soil. This is where the chips come in and next we will run our chickens over the land. After that it is time to plant!

Note On Wood Chips

Have you ever seen those orange trucks with “Asplundh” on the side? Turns out they are a huge company that specializes in tree pruning and vegetation management for utilities and government agencies. My husband noticed a handful of these trucks parked locally. Eventually, he tracked down their closest local office and put us on the list to get huge dumps of chips every now and then – at no cost! It’s a seriously cool and easy arrangement, if you live in an area with less than stellar soil I highly recommend you reach out.

That’s all for now,

XO – Olivia

One thought on “Introducing… LOXLUX Jewelry!

  1. Ashley Seitz says:

    Yay for chickens! We are getting some babies this weekend. They are so much fun and easy maintenance farm animal. The kids will love them also! Love and miss yall!

    Liked by 1 person

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