My Purse Must-Haves


It’s no secret that I am a total designer bag fiend. Over the years I have perfected the size of the bag I need, as well as it’s contents. For example, if my full size iPad doesn’t fit in my purse, then there’s a good chance it won’t work for me. I typically need at least my iPad and my planner for business meetings. Also, my Macbook Air isn’t much larger than my iPad – so if my iPad fits, I can usually fit my laptop in my purse if I absolutely need it.

Beyond business needs, I also have some everyday must-have-in-my-purse items. Pictured above with my latest Kate Spade:

  • nail file (I also carry a nail cleaner/cuticle pusher)
  • my favorite pen (Bic Round Stic Grip)
  • spray on hand sanitizer
  • chapstick (Burt’s Bees)
  • ibuprofen
  • mints
  • lotion
  • tissues
  • sunglasses and eye drops (since Lasik my eyes are sensitive to light and dryness)
  • vintage Coach tri-fold wallet (with all my important credit, debit, and ID cards)
  • ring of small blank index cards (in tribal pattern by Myndology)

I also polled my Facebook friends about what items are always in their purses. We mostly had the same items except for a few honorable mentions:

  • baby wipes
  • snacks
  • floss
  • small handgun

Most of these items probably seem pretty straight forward, but I do want to share about one of my newest must-haves: index cards. A dear friend of mine recently told me about a routine she uses to help practice gratitude. First, stick some index cards in your purse and then the next time something really awesome happens – write it down. For example: when my husband and I get to sneak away for a date night, when an old friend pops by for a visit, or when the kiddos do something cute. I write each awesome thing down on a card. The next time I feel stressed, I pull out my cards and read over what I’ve written. I am instantly reminded that whatever unpleasant thing I am currently going through will eventually pass and the Lord’s blessings will take it’s place.

I invite you to join me in practicing gratitude, I send many thanks to my friend Mari for the index card suggestion, and thank all my friends who shared your favorite purse items with me!

XO – Olivia

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