Jean Shopping vs Swimsuit Shopping

Which is more stressful – shopping for new jeans or shopping for a new bathing suit? Most of my friends answered that bathing suit shopping was worse but I have to argue that jean shopping is just as nerve wracking. Oh, how I miss the days when I knew without stepping foot into a dressing room that any medium sized American Eagle outfit would fit me. These days, it’s a sad occasion when your trusty blue jeans or swimsuit are simply too worn out to wear in public. I literally have to give myself a pep talk about going shopping. This is where my weakness for designer handbags really comes into play – bags always fit!

Right around the time  I needed new denim I read an article boasting Old Navy‘s selection. So, after a pep talk I grabbed the following styles: Rockstar, Boyfriend, and Curvy. Curvy styles usually fit me well, but I found these strangely loose in the calves. The Boyfriend style was baggy and boxy. I guess that’s the look but it’s not for me. The Rockstar style wasn’t a bad fit, but wasn’t super flattering either. I could see how these had universal appeal though. Ultimately, I found a forgiving waist, just enough stretch, and a nice fit in the Mid-Rise Super Skinny style!

When it came to a new swimsuit, I wanted two things this year: to be back in a bikini and to have a supportive top. To my delight, Target recently rolled out shape wear swimsuits and tops by bra size. My bestie and I didn’t end up finding any of the shape wear swimsuits in store but we did both walk away happy. I paired a black and neon top with flattering high waisted bottoms.

So to all my mamas who spend more time shopping for groceries than for themselves and who might have a little anxiety when it comes to the dressing room – don’t stress, do your research, grab some coffee, grab your best friend, and enjoy yourself! #makeshoppingfunagain


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