San Antonio Date Night: Pearl Edition

For my husband’s birthday this year, I was determined to plan the perfect date night. At first, this task seemed easier said than done. You see, it was his birthday so our regular dinner and a movie wouldn’t do. We have a great local music scene but my husband is deaf in one ear so, any concert or loud venue is typically not enjoyable for him. Also, my husband is the type who does not like to spend money, least of all on himself. So what’s a wife to do?

Shout out to my bestie who suggested The Pearl Brewery District in San Antonio! We had never been and my husband loves craft beer so it immediately sounded perfect. I found their website very helpful in planning our night out. I was able to compare menus and pricing from all the different restaurants as well as see there was shopping, coffee, ice cream and even a bakery available in the district for after dinner.

For dinner, I chose The Granary ‘Cue & Brew which features house craft beer and locally sourced barbecue. I had their house shandy and brisket ramen – a combination I have been dreaming about ever since! For my husband, he was all smiles with a craft beer flight and smoked pork chop. Also, while I was initially surprised by the group dining, it was the perfect mix of an intimate and casual atmosphere.

We capped the night at Lick: Honest Ice Creams which features artisan flavors and local ingredients. After sampling almost the entire menu, my husband got a scoop of “Carmel Salt Lick” and “Goat Cheese, Thyme, and Honey.” Another recommendation from a friend that {honestly} did not disappoint!

What did I learn? That faced with a challenge I can always lean on my ladies and good old Google. Happy Birthday Hubby!


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