Review: Field & Stream Wilderness Lodge 6

Before our camping trip to Dinosaur Valley State Park, we upgraded from our basic 4 person pole tent to the Field & Stream Wilderness Lodge 6. My husband and I both grew up camping, so we had a pretty good idea of what we wanted in a family tent. Mainly though, we just needed more space for all of us to sleep comfortably. Anyone who has slept with a two year old understands that challenge! We knew it was supposed to rain during our stay so, we also wanted enough space to hang out and store our gear if need be.

Overall we were very pleased with the Field & Stream Wilderness Lodge 6. We were impressed with the quality (the ground stakes and fly rope in particular), and my husband enjoyed that we finally had a tent he could fully stand up in. The gear hammock was a nice touch on the inside and the attached vestibule was the perfect size. We layed down a blanket so our pup had a comfortable place to relax during the day and all our gear fit inside the vestibule overnight for storage.

Just a couple tips if you are considering the Field & Stream Wilderness Lodge 6: it definitely takes at least two people to set up so make sure you’ve got enough hands. Also, take it nice and slow with the zippers; the flap on the vestibule almost got caught a couple times. Lastly, we found that our family of 4 + gear fit well but I do not think 6 people would realistically sleep comfortably.

We head out on our big Summer road trip this Friday and have rented a vintage 1973 Eco Scamp camper. We could not be more excited but I’m curious, are you a tent family or more of a camper family?


6 thoughts on “Review: Field & Stream Wilderness Lodge 6

    • Hayse Marketing says:

      Hey Jordan! We are definitely happy. Since then we have been camping on the beach and the dessert and it’s held up well! 🙂


  1. diana l higgins says:

    Have only used this tent once been stored away for several years used it over Memorial while setting up the black piece that poles hook into one end the plastic just snapped off is there a place to get replacement piece.


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