Dinosaur Valley State Park

A few weeks ago the family and I loaded up to go camp at Dinosaur Valley State Park in Glen Rose, Texas. This park is known for having fossilized dinosaur tracks on the river banks. Boy had we been looking forward to this trip! My 8 year old is a dinosaur connoisseur of sorts and has been dying to go ever since he heard about it last year. I learned when we went to make our reservations that folks come from all over to stay at this park and book months in advance. We were lucky to get two nights in a row this Summer. So, call ahead and be flexible with dates.

Due to the recent Texas rains, the dinosaur tracks were actually not visible during our visit. But overall we were very impressed with the park. The campsites were well maintained, and the bathrooms were nice and clean. We saw lots of wildlife in camp including robins, squirrels, and even a raccoon at night (tip – don’t leave your trash out)! All our camp neighbors were families too, which was awesome. The park has a dinosaur museum attached to the office, two big dinosaur models, and a couple different playgrounds for the kiddos. On the way to one of the playgrounds we even stumbled across a cool interactive kid’s trail. We did miss a cool outdoor screening of “The Good Dinosaur” so, be sure to ask about special activities when you check in.

During our trip we also went just a few minutes up the road from the state park to visit Dinosaur World. This attraction features over 150 life size dinosaur models set up in a natural outdoor setting as well as a fossil dig, playground, and museum. Our 2 year old was a little scared of the animatronic dinosaurs in the museum part but other than that we had a blast. The trail has tons of great photo opportunities so bring your camera and don’t let your kiddos rush it – take your time!

What was the last adventure your family went on?


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